Upcoming C63 Meeting:


At the May 2023 meeting, the ANSC-C63 Steering Committee decided to hold its next meeting Oct. 2-5, 2023 in Mountain View, CA. Check with this web page for late changes before making any final travel reservations.


There will be meeting space for working groups on Monday (please contact the Chair and Secretary to schedule time). Subcommittee meetings will be held Tuesday and Wednesday. The Main Committee meets on Thursday. No other meetings will be held during the Main Committee meeting.


Meeting location

Meeting Schedule
FAQ: Contact Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel information
Driving Directions

Air transportation
Ground Transportation
Hotel Information
Restaurant Information
Local Attractions


Meeting location:


Google, Inc.

Address: 100 Bay View Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043

Meeting Room: Living Rock on the 1st floor.

Parking: 400 Bay View Drive, Mountain View, CA 94043
Parking Instructions


Schedule at a glance:


Note: The meeting schedules below are subject to change. Check this page later to obtain a final meeting schedule. See also the shared meeting calendar for webinar information.


ANSC-C63   DRAFT "08" Meeting Schedule for October 2-5, 2023 - Subject to Change! Local time shown below:

Mon Oct 2





0800-1000 - C63.4 WG meeting
1000-1200 - 
C63.31 WG meeting

1300-1600 - C63.26 WG meeting



0800-1200 - Open for WG meetings

1300-1600 - Open for WG meetings


Tues Oct 3





0830-1000 -   (OPEN)
1030 - 1200 - SC2 (Shellman, Marcus)

1300 1430 SC3 (Carlton, Ross)
1500 -1700 SC4 (Abbondante, Nick)

1700 1900 - US EMC Standards Corporation - Board Meeting*

Wed Oct 4





0830 1000  SC6 (Kramer, Doug)
1030 1200 SC7 - (Coder, Jason)

1300 - 1430 SC5 (Braxton, Tom)
1500-1700 - SC1 (Griffin, Andy)

1700 1830 - C63
Steering Committee**

Thurs Oct 5





0900 1200 - Main Committee
(face-to-face ONLY)

1300 1500 - Main Committee
(face-to-face ONLY)


        *  US EMC Standards Corp Board members only.  
       **   Steering Committee members only.

Contact information for the meeting and answers to most questions received about meetings:


Please read this entire page before asking questions. Most questions are covered here or in one of the links provided for more information.

For questions about the meeting facility, first read the information on this page that describes the facility. Jerry Ramie is the C63 point of contact.

For questions about the Main Committee, Subcommittee or Working Group meeting dates and times, see the meeting schedule. (above) See also the shared meeting calendar for webinar information.

For questions about the subjects that will be covered in the Subcommittee meetings on Tuesday or Wednesday, see the Status of Standards page, or contact the appropriate Subcommittee Chair. Follow the links on the Subcommittee page to see the list of members and click on the name of the Chair for contact information.


For questions about the subjects that will be covered in the Working Group meetings on Tuesday, contact the appropriate Working Group Chair, using the links on the meeting schedule. The Working Groups are also listed on the pages for each Subcommittee on the C63 web page. Go to the Subcommittee page, click on the list of members, then scroll down that list until you get to the Working Group you are interested in. Click on the name of the Working Group Chair for contact information.


For questions about the C63 Main Committee meeting on Friday, first read the Generic Agenda for the meeting. If you still have questions, you may contact Bob DeLisi, the ANSC-C63 Chair.


Subcommittee or Working Group Chairs are allowing webinar participation in their meetings. See the shared meeting calendar for webinar information.


There will be no telephone or webinar participation in the Main Committee meeting on Friday.


                     The meeting room will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

                     A data projector is available in the meeting rooms.

                     A wireless internet connection is available in the meeting rooms.

                     Coffee, tea and soft drinks will be available in the meeting rooms.

                     Lunch will be in the meeting rooms.


Directions to the Host Hotel:




Air transportation:



San Francisco International Airport

San Jose International Airport

Ground transportation:


A variety of ground transportation options are available at San Francisco International Airport or San Jose International Airport conveniently connecting the Airports to surrounding hotels, tourist attractions, businesses and residences.

Shuttle services: Shared-Ride Van operators provide door-to-door service to and from these Airports to the South Bay Metro Area.


Taxi Service: Taxicabs serve both Airports. Customers may pick up taxis on the lower level of the Terminal. Signs inside the terminal will direct you from the baggage claim level to the taxi queues.


Uber/Lyft pick-up: Authorized Uber and Lyft drivers may pick up their customers at either airport. Customers can access services from their Smartphone and coordinate directly with their driver for pickup location.

Automobile rental at airport:


Rental cars: All rental car companies are located at the airport. Free shuttle buses take customers between the rental lot and the Main Terminal. Contact the rental company directly to make or change a rental car reservation.

Nearby hotels:


Attendees will be responsible for making their own reservations. When calling any nearby hotels to make your reservation, you should ask for the Google Corporate Rate. Check with the hotel for final rates. Most meeting attendees stay at the Host Hotel:

Crowne Plaza Palo Alto

4290 El Camino Real,
Palo Alto, California 94306

Contact the hotel directly at + 1(888) 565-6158 and give the group code: AO2

Group Code: AO2

Group Rate: $219.00/night plus tax per night for single or double occupancy.

Features: Enjoy on-site parking, free Wi-Fi in public areas and guestrooms, free daily coffee in the lobby, over 27,000 square feet of event space, a full-service fitness center with a dry sauna, and a resort-like pool experience.

Self-Parking: $5.00/night

Cut-off Date: September 19, 2023


Reservations can be made by calling the hotel directly at 1-888-565-6158, or online at www.crowneplazapaloalto.com.  To make online reservations, just type in the three letter group code A02 to receive the special group rate. 



Attendees can click the link below and this will take you straight to your group block and rate. Please plug in the group block date. Any booking outside the group block dates will not work


ANSI Committee Meeting


CUT-OFF DATE: 3:00 PM, Pacific Time on Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Other hotels in the area



There is a restaurant within the host hotel and several restaurants nearby.


Local Attractions and Fun Stuff to Do:


Things to do in Mountain View, CA