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On May 17th, 2022, the IEEE formally published C63.27-2021. The original C63.27-2017 is used around-the-world for coexistence testing of medical devices, automotive applications, and continues to see interest from new industries.
This update and revision codifies numerous changes to the original C63.27-2017 standard: streamlines the testing process, adds to the list of technology specific guidance (e.g., unlicensed LTE), and makes additional clarifications to increase the usability of the document by those new to coexistence testing. This new version also acknowledges that coexistence testing is a “two-way” problem, and lays the groundwork for future versions to address not only the impact of other wireless devices on the system under test but also the impact of the system under test on other wireless devices in the environment.
The 50+ member C63.27-2021 working group was led by Jason Coder from NIST (Chair), Stephen Berger from TEM Consulting (Vice-Chair), and Omar Al Kalaa from FDA (Secretary). The revised standard features contributions from commercial test labs, other U.S. Government agencies, test equipment manufacturers, and academia.
After publication, members of the working group and Spectrum Etiquette subcommittee will work to educate users on coexistence testing and gather feedback on C63.27-2021.

The C63® committee has a newsletter that shows the latest news and information about C63® and its activities. Read the lastest issues at https://www.c63.org/documents/c63/list_of_newsletters.htm for information about the most recent changes to C63® standards.